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 OPTSCOPES MD+ CMOS is an economic version of simple and compact structure CMOS  eyepiece camera. So here, the MD+ means simple and compact. USB2.0 is used as the data transfer interface.

         Microscope eyepiece camera with 23.2 diameter and compact size;

         The MD+ CMOS eyepiece camera comes with high-speed USB2.0 interface and high frame rate video display keep the screen smooth without interruption;
         Also, the MD+ SERIES CMOS CAMERA comes with advanced video & image processing application ToupView;
         The MD+ Series CMOS Camera can be widely used to transfer the mono or binocular student microscope to digital microscope.

     With 23.2 to 30mm or 23.2 to 30.75 convert ring, the MD+ Series CMOS camera can also change the stereo microscope to digital stereo microscope.


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Sensor & Size(mm) 5.0M/Aptina(C) 1/2.5"(5.70x4.28)
Pixel(?m) 2.2x2.2
FPS/Resolution 2@2592x1944 3@2048x1536 5@1600x1200 7.5@1280x1024
Dynamic Range SN Ratio NA
Binning NA
Exposure Auto